Managing Partners

  Nicolas Froissart
Nicolas joined Cocoon Group as a Partner in March 2008. He holds a Masters Degree from EDHEC and started his career with a major utility in France and the Philippines. He continued it following the privatization of this sector at an investment bank in London. As the CFO of Cocoon, Nicolas set up OCTE China as a JV and subsequently sold Cocoon’s shares in it in 2010. He focuses since on the development of our energy performance offering under the Ecosource brand.
  Erwan Cariou
Erwan joined Cocoon Group as a Partner in March 2009 after having worked on several transactions with the company as a consultant.
After a couple of successful years of sales in France, Erwan founded his own company, Engineered Food Trading, first in Bangkok, Thailand, then in Shanghai. He then briefly worked as a consultant for an international catering company before returning to trading with Cocoon Group. In addition to his responsibilities as Head of Sales, Erwan focuses on our shopping bag and catering accessories product ranges, and on our heavy equipment range.